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            86-514-85555999 president@jsjhmg.com    vice.president@jsjhmg.com 中文 ENGLISH
          About Jiahe
          Current location:Home > Alternative Energy

          The company puts a great emphasison alternative energy. Being forward thinking, we invested in battery technology back in 2010 and has made great progress since. Mr. Li Baomin and Ms. Wang Lamei, the company's actual controller, have invested 45 million yuan for the establishment of Yangzhou Jiahe New Energy Technology co., Ltd., which mainly engages in the product development and manufacture of the electric vehicle and the key parts of engine system for fuel cell vehicle. Our company has achieved abundant results and performance, with the leading technical skills in China and broad prospects of further development.

                  Add:No. 166 Yanhuo Road, Guangling
          Industrial Park, Yangzhou