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          Group Company
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          Established in March of 2004, Jiangsu Jiahe Machinery Group Co., Ltd. is a high-tech holding company. Located in Yangzhou GuangLing Economic Development zone, we offer automobiles, automobile parts, automobile sales, eco-friendly agricultural equipment, industrial equipment, and electrical components and systems.  Sticking at the enterprise spirit of “Innovation, Development, Excellence”, Jiahe Group firmly grasps the strategic opportunity, keeping pushing forward the Reform and Innovation, creating a new approach for transformation and upgrading in which the company switches the manufacturing into high-end service, and the factor input, control and management into the development driven by innovation. Embracing four major holding enterprises as well as a number of enterprises with investment and equity participation, Jiahe Group takes advantages of compact group management to enhance the development of its subordinate enterprises. Jiangsu Jiahe Machinery Group Co., Ltd. manages dozens of state-level high-tech enterprises. The group itself and the vast majority of its subordinate enterprises have achieved numerous honorary title, which including “Provincial Small Giant Enterprise”, “Provincial Star Enterprise”, “The Top 100 Enterprise in Yangzhou”, and “The Outstanding Suppliers and Technological Innovation of Domestic Mainstream Automobile Manufacturing Enterprises”.

                  Add:No. 166 Yanhuo Road, Guangling
          Industrial Park, Yangzhou